Monday, November 18, 2013

This Nerd's Life: Thor, Man of Steel and More

Egad! A whole week without a blog update and still don't have a full one for tonight!

But it's been a busy week.  I started a new day job (#RealWorldQuest) and am just going 90 to nothing with that...   We went to see Thor 2 last weekend and bought Man of Steel this weekend so I've seen both of those now... hope to put up reviews of both in the next little bit... I also bought and read Valiant's Unity 1 - the first Valiant book I've picked up in awhile - it was ok but not award winning...

That's all for now, lots more in the days to come... and we will be starting our Christmas Countdown pretty soon...

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Strange Tales/Marvel Monsters Fan Cast

I had really wanted to get this out for last month’s Countdown to Halloween, but a couple of the characters just refused to be cast.  There is even still a couple that I’m skipping because I couldn’t come up with anyone. 

I’m focusing on 70s/Bronze Age monsters but to tie the story together I’ve brought in more recent character Elsa Bloodstone – daughter of the immortal Ulysses Bloodstone – to be our constant throughout the overarching storyline.

Laura Prepon as Elsa Bloodstone

I’m not sure if this could work as one movie even with Elsa tying all the stories together.  It might be better if it were several movies – Tomb of Dracula, Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing, etc. – with Elsa playing the Nick Fury/Agent Coleson role.  Or it could be an anthology film – call it Savage Tales or Haunt of Horror – with Elsa researching the monsters of the world in a wrap around story. 

Regardless of which path the film(s) take the central villain would of course be Dracula.

Timothy Dalton as Dracula

Emma Caulfield as Rachel van Helsing 

In addition to Rachel, we would need at least Quincy Harker and Frank Drake – probably Taj Nital as well.  I’m also tempted to include Hannibal King, but Blade was been a little too over done and I think I’d skip him at least for the first little bit (maybe we could bring him in early in Strange Tales phase two.  I’m also sure I want Dracula’s Duaghter Lilith and it is probably in Tomb of Dracula that we will first meet the devil’s daughter, Satana (as she originated in Marvel’s Vampire Tales magazine). 

Stana Katic as Lilith, Dracula’s Daughter
Allison Scagliotti as Satana Hellstrom
...and while we're on the subject of Scags: #AllisonScag4Cassie

It also might be here that Frankenstein’s Monster appears.  I’d like to see him in his own movie or segment, but I’m willing to settle for him being a supporting character here. 

Ron Perlman as Adam the Monster of Frankenstein

Next up on our slate of Marvel horrors is The Man-Thing.  My faithful readers will know my feelings on the previous “Man-Thing” movie – there wasn’t one.  But now that Marvel has the muck monster back in hand, I think we could get a good one. 

Josh Brolin as Man-Thing/Dr. Ted Sallis

Amber Benson as Jennifer Kale

Marvel’s even been kind enough to already cast Ted’s girl-friend/wife for us thanks to Ellen Brandt’s Iron Man 3 appearance. 

Stephanie Szostak as Ellen Brandt-Sallis

Ted’s supporting cast will also call for at least Richard Rory, Dakimh the Enchanter, and the demonic Thog the Nether-Spawn.   Of course, there are others I’d love to see such as F.A. Schist, Korrek the Barbarian, and Bobbi Morse (the future Mrs. Hawkeye).  It’s probably here alongside Man-Thing, that we will first get Howard the Duck as well – another of Marvel’s oddballs that has had less than stellar luck on film. 

Joe Pesci as Howard the Duck

Molly Quinn as Beverly Switzler

Lastly, we have Werewolf by Night

Christian Kane as Werewolf (By Night)/Jacob Russoff/Jack Russell 

Amy Acker as Lissa Russell Price

Janina Gavankar as Topaz

Russell has a number of enemies – mostly members of the evil Committee – such as Baron Thunder, Carruthers, and Professor Mako.  As well as having ties to minor Marvel heroes Tigra and Moon Knight who could also appear here. 

Of course, this is only the tip of the Marvel Monster iceberg.  Still MIA from our little film family are N’Kantu the Living Mummy, Simon Garth the Marvel Zombie, Gabriel the Devil-Hunter, The Straw Man, and the Darkhold Redeemers. 

Add to that any number of main stream heroes like Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Morbius, Hellstrom, Hellcat, and Brother Voodoo; not to mention the various monster hunters, demon lords, and giant Kirby-esque Monsters and the number of films that could make it into this series is incalculable. 

But we can hope…

Now what do you think?  Like my casting choices?  Hate them?  Wondering where the obligatory Nathan Fillon casting is?  Comment below or message me on facebook or twitter – and don’t forget to like and follow while you’re there. 

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Comic Day 10R: Painkiller Jane The Price of Freedom Part 1 Review

OK, so I’ll admit it.  If I didn’t have a crush on Kristanna Loken this book would have stayed on the shelf.  Divided into two stories, the art in the first by Juan Santacruz is passable and in the second by Sam Lotfi subpar.  The front cover by Amanda Conner is somewhere in between the two.  Sticking with the art, main character Jane is – in the first story – two parts butch cute (think Starbuck) and one part girl next door cute (think Amy Pond).  In the second story, she’s all hard lines and cartoonish – and not the good cartoonish like Batman: The Animated Series, the (almost) Popeye’s forearms kind of crappy cartoonish. 

Before I go on to the story itself, I want to point out something else that is kinda the art and kinda the story.  In the first one – the passable art one – Jane’s nipple is viable in at least six panels across 7 of 20 pages of story.  I point this out because this issue contains not one but two text pieces expounding how Jane is not just a “scantily clad female” like her “bad girl” contemporaries.  But rather a strong female character.  Yet there in all its off pink glory is Jane’s nipple for no other reason than for it to be there.  I’m not whole against nudity – not even in comics and not even gratuitously – Heavy Metal has always been a major supplier of gratuitous nudity and I thoroughly enjoy that title.  My problem is in an issue that features not only nudity for nudity’s sake but also a scene where another character’s face is accidentally forced between Jane’s breasts, we are told she isn’t just another comic book sex symbol.  Seems like bad timing to me.

As for the story itself, I was very happy with it.  Concerning a kidnapping attempt on a Saudi princess – who will likely be executed when she gets back home due to the American Heiress inspired wardrobe she sports – the first story, by Jimmy Palmiotti, is very engaging and Jane does come off as a strong female character – though in several places she could use some more pathos.  My biggest complaint is the dialogue – which at times can be a bit contrived – too much the writer’s creation rather than a naturally flowing thing – ironically a disease the TV series suffered often.  Story two – “From the Beginning” – is a standalone piece also by Palmiotti.  Not as compelling as the main story, this one – as with its art – is cartoonish in feel.  The opening scene makes little since unless Jane has some previously unmentioned speed powers as she is chasing down a speeding getaway car.  The sexuality in this story – while still taking a place at the forefront – is better played and feels more like a fluid part of the story than the gratuitous stuff from the first story. 

Overall this was a very enjoyable comic.  And my minor complaints – dialogue, out of place nudity, cartoonish art in the back up – do not greatly detract from the issue as a whole. 

4/5 stars                       Excellent Jumping On Point

Teen or Mature for Violence, Brief Nudity, and some Language

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Batman Year Zero, Ultimate Cataclysm and Christmas Comics Already!? (New Comic Day)

Archie Comics released two titles today - Archie Double Digest 245 and Betty & Veronica Double Digest 217 – which are both already Christmas Issues

Dark Horse is still publishing the travesty that is Catalyst Comix (issue 5 hit stands today).  Also from DH is Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight 2 – normally I wouldn’t praise this poor quality of art, but it definitely adds a raw Grindhouse feel to the title so it’s working for me.  Finally from DH, we have The Star Wars 3 continuing the adaptation of George Lucas’s original rough-draft screenplay. 

At DC, Batman Year Zero month is in full swing with Batman 25, Detective Comics 25, Batwing 25, Green Arrow 25, and Action Comics 25 all crossing into the storyline which as a whole is putting me off – though some of the art is top notch.  Also at DC, the ongoing mini-series Forever Evil has its third issue today – but I have given up on that story myself. 

Dynamite graces us with the third issue of its six issue mini-series Army of Darkness Vs Hack/Slash – presenting me with an excuse to mention that #AllisonScags4Cassie Your Argument is Invalid! Also on shelves we have Lords of Mars 4 (of 6) – a stunning Alex Ross cover that makes me question the need for the variant covers also released – Vampirella 36, and Gail Simone’s Legends of Red Sonja 1 (of 5) – featuring both a beautiful regular cover and a classic Marvel throwback variant. 

The Starbase 21 Pick of the Week is Marvel’s Cataclysm The Ultimates’ Last Stand 1 part of the November Ultimate Universe crossover featuring Galactus. Also gracing shelves from The House of Ideas this month are Fantomex MAX 2 (of 4) – which I almost picked up but was able to resist – Painkiller Jane: The Price of Freedom 1 (of 4)

Finally, Zenescope – which is always at least good for a cover if not always the stories inside gives us Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland Through the Looking Glass 2 (of 5) – I recommend Cover B by Ivan Nunes featuring the Queen of Spades – and Tyler Kirkham’s Screwed 6 (of 6).   

I’m changing up the way I do New Comic Day from now on.  As you see I’ve given a very brief highlight of some of the top comics and a few underdogs that are our this week, but no Feature Issue review like I’ve done in the past.  But come back tomorrow for our indepth review of Painkiller Jane: The Price of Freedom 1. 

Until then, let me know what you’re picking up this week in the comments or on our facebook page or twitter @nerdisnewcool – and be sure to like and follow to let us know you like what you’re seeing here at Nerd Is The New Cool. 

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This Nerd's Life: Halloween Weekend

I know, I know.  I said I'd post something Thursday for Halloween but that day was a huge headache.

I don't mind the company, but my dad came over Thursday morning and spent a couple hours hanging out. Which was cool, but it really put me behind on getting ready for that Evening's Trick 'r Treaters.

But I was able to get the house in order.  And low and behold, 2 kids all night.  A super-tough red Power Ranger and a cute little Minnie Mouse.

My wife and I settled in for the evening with Halloween 4 and after she headed to bed for the night I watched my favorite modern Halloween based film, Trick 'r Treat - which I watched right after Season's Greetings the cartoon short it spins out off.  I also hopped onto YouTube and was able to check out FEARnet's Trick 'r Treat shorts.  I highly recommend them.

Then, Friday Dad and I ran by a couple of Vintage Stocks to check out the big sale they had going on.  I was able to pick up DVD's of Friday the 13th Parts 3 and 4, Zorro's Black Whip Volume One (the first six episodes of a serial featuring "Zorrita, the one and only 'female' Zorro!"), and Star Odyssey (an old sci-fi flick I've never heard of.  Included on the DVD are four shorts: a Fleischer Superman cartoon, a Felix the Cat, a The New 3 Stooges cartoon, and an episode of Rocky Jones, Space Ranger).  I was also able to add a couple of early Man-Things to my collection Adventures into Fear 17 and Daredevil 113, the latter of which is part of the Sallis Papers story arc staring Daredevil, Man-Thing, and Foggy Nelson's sister Candace.

Over the weekend, my wife and I - along with our faithful companion the Nerd-Hound - went to my parent's for a horror movie marathon.  I can't remember the exact order of things, but we were able to squeeze in It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, World War Z - not as bad as I'd feared but still not as great as I'd hoped - Jack the Giant Slayer, Sharknado, Dracula: Prince of Darkness, Twins of Evil, Hands of the Ripper, The Incredible Melting Man, Godzilla vs. Megalon, and The Town that Dreaded Sundown.  

Overall, a very fun and entertaining weekend.

Hope your's was as much of a blast!

I'll be back on Wednesday, with a new New Comic Day.  In the meantime, I'd love to hear how you spent Halloween or your weekend down below in the comments or over on twitter @nerdisnewcool and you can share any pics of your Halloween costumes on our new facebook page located here:

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P.S. Since it's the Spooky Season and cause I haven't in awhile:


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Witchblade, Poe's Raven and Red Death, and the Return of Gaiman's Sandman (New Comic Day)

DC and Marvel both greatly disappointed me this week.  Last month, I praised the art in Captain America: Living Legend 1 and this week’s second issue with a new artist doesn’t live up to the first issue’s legend.  While at DC, most of the titles are “Summer Annuals” – a bit late as it is late October – of which Nightwing Annual 1 stands out.  DC’s most notable non-Annual is Damian Son of Batman 1 – but that notability is in its sub-par art – shockingly from the usually more reliable Andy Kubert.  Also, Damian seems to be printed on a lower than usual quality of paper. 

Better picks from the big two include DC’s Sandman Overture 1 by Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams (Williams’s art can’t actually be called “good” but it has a gritty character that works well with Gaiman’s writing style) and Marvel’s Kick Ass 3 4 and Guardians of the Galaxy 8 (featuring an alternate Thor vs. Thanos cover).  Also from Marvel comes the release of the Thor vs. Thanos TPB.

I should probably also mention Marvel’s Cataclysm 0.1 – I really have nothing to say about it but if you’ve been looking forward to it, there you go…

Over in the rest of comicdom, this week is the week for covers.  IDW’s Danger Girl 2 is out sporting an awesome alternate cosplay photo cover (for subscribers only, but availability may very).  Also, out this week Zenescope – the company were the covers are always the best part of the book – has issues from two Grimm Fairy Tales Presents… mini-series: No Tomorrow and Realm Knights both on issue three, but better still is their non-Grimm title Hit List 2 featuring a femme fatale cover – if possible I recommend variant cover C by Oracle. 

But my favorite cover this week appearing on Witchblade 170 is a retro throwback to 80s Marvel covers.  Very rough and with hard lines even the logo and title information are in that classic Marvel style.  Inside the art is much sharper – a little cartoonish but still lovely to look at.  The story is typical second tier fair.  Looking at lead character Sara Pezzini’s outfit and appearance one could easily dismiss her as another uber-hot but shallow and artistically bankrupt Image heroine but writer Ron Marz and artist Laura Braga bring a much more developed character to the page than one comes to expect from an Image title.  I highly recommend this issue and despite the rather high issue number this is an excellent jumping on point. 

Finally, if a Halloween read is more what you’re looking for this week, Dark Horse provides with Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven and the Masque of the Red Death by Richard Corben who previously adapted works by Poe for Marvel’s Haunt of Horror line.  Corben’s art leaves something to be desired but can lend personality when applied to the right story as was the case with Haunt of Horror

But what are you reading this week?  Leave a comment or message me on twitter @nerdisnewcool to let me know.